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  1. Relate application to one or more of the six focus areas.

  2. Make sure each club involved knows its responsibility for the project and has a member on the project committee.

  3. Give short description describing project (120 letters or less) which will be used in the District's application to TRF.

  4. Make sure the Project Committee has at least 3 members. If an International project, make sure the Host Club's Project Committee also has at least three members.

  5. Make sure the mailing address for the Project Chair is correct. The check from the District goes to the Project Chair at the address provided.

  6. Maintain a separate bank account for District Grant projects.

  7. Have club Foundation Chair and/or Committee members serve multiple years for continuity.

  8. Provide the signature of the Project Chair and all the current year's Presidents whose clubs are participating in the project. If an International project, make sure a letter of support from the Host Club is attached and the Host Club President signs the application.

  9. Submit the District Grant application to the District Grant Chair by the date specified in the District Grant application.

  10. Complete the project by the date specifieed in the District Grant application.

  11. Make sure your club has attended on of the Foundation Seminars and has submited the Memo of Understanding (MOU).


  1. Make application for purchase of land or buildings, support of fundraising activities, funding operating, administrative or indirect program expenses of another organization.

  2. Make applications for activities primarily implemented by a non-Rotary organization.

  3. Start the project until District Grant funding has been approved.

  4. Use copy of invices or checks as documentation of expenses.






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