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Donate Life NC logo
Donate Life NC, an organ donor registry.




Donate Life North Carolina is an organ donation registration program.
Please join Governor Cookie and many fellow Rotary District 7690 Rotarians to share your life with others. Here is a 5-step how to do it:

  1. Get your Driver License! (That is the hardest part!)
  2. Visit
  3. Click on "Register Now Button"
  4. Click on "Proceed to Registration"
  5. BE SURE TO DO THIS - when you are asked "Where did you hear about us?" choose "Special Event" then choose "Rotary 7690"
    If "Rotary 7690" is selected, the numbers will tally and let us know how many register from this campaign.

  6. An option is to tell someone that you registered. When I registered I told Cookie. You can do the same. Her email address is

(That was easy, wasn't it? The hardest part was going downstairs for my driver license!)

Rotary International's Governance Documents
Here are updates from the 2013 Council on Legislation
These updates will require that clubs review their club
constitution and bylaws. Here is a link to
Rotary's governance Documents

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Most of the grey menu tabs at the top of this page don't work like they should! What should I do?

I believe that Internet Explorer v.11 works appropriately
(September 20, 2013 - rpm)

I’m betting that you are using Internet Explorer version 10.  And I wish I knew how to make it work in that version. I had  the problem too, and when I tried to determine how to resolve it all the techies on the internet were suggesting one of two options:
  1. Uninstall Internet Explorer v.10 and fall back on Internet Explorer v.9
  2. Others suggest that Instead of using Internet Explorer you try Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Safari
  3. Keep you eye on Internet Explorer v.11. The menu option works in the installation I tested. However I had problems cutting and pasting in forms in this version. There may be a 'fix' to this issue.)
I tried both options. 
  1. When I uninstalled Internet Explorer v.10 it was automatically replaced by Internet Explorer v.9 and the menu options became available.
  2. I also have Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari on my computer.  The menu options are available in those Internet browsers.
Sorry that I have not found a more elegant solution to this problem.



How to find the version number of your Internet browser: If you are reading this your browser should be open. Click on "Help" (at the top of the screen. Then click on "About," usually at the bottom of the drop-down list.

For those who are reluctant to remove programs from their computer (option 1 above) my suggestion would be in install Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer will not conflict with each other when they are installed on one computer.

-phil morris

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